these™ wheels began as an idea to make the the fastest rolling, most durable wheels available. Instead of being an “Us too” company, we came up with our own shapes and formulas and built our wheels from the core out.
In just over 3 years we enjoyed attending countless events and won many races, including celebrating Kevin Reimer as the 2014 IDF World Champion. We saw a then 17 year old freerider become one of the most respected skaters in the industry and he even spent a few months on top spot of the IDF in 2015 before continuing his education. We saw a local skater/surfer with the fitting nickname “Towell” live a dream as he was able to travel the world on his skateboard. We grew from an original team of 6, to nearly 30 skaters including a high school student with unforgettable hair putting fear into the racing community. We thoroughly threw a kink into almost everyone’s wheel conversations and that along with all the great memories brings a smile to our faces.
In life, all good things must come to an end, so regretfully these™ wheels ended on December 31st of 2015. For all of you that supported us, rode our product, cheered on our team or cursed us for naming our wheels, these™ wheels, we thank you. So while its business as usual until the end of the year, 2016 will welcome new opportunities.
Yours through skateboarding,